Monday, July 28, 2008

Mini's home!!

2 pounds and 4 oz. later, she's still looking as cute as ever!

Friday, July 18, 2008

No more getting yelled at by random neighbors for washing the dog wrong and "letting" her run away. No more of the cat's sharp teeth connecting with my big toe at 2am. No more leaky showers. No more vacuuming for 9 days to get the hair up. No more. No more free rent. No more space. No more double ovens and trash service just outside the door. No more freezer space and tivo!  No more internet and extra cash. 

Yes new dog! Yes new couch and new furniture and new life! Yes new job and new now! Yes new pictures and new attitude! Yes newly married friends and fun dinners! Yes new car (cross my fingers) and new books! Yes new writing and new publications! Yes yes yes. Yes to life and new life and now and tomorrow and yes. Yes to all the family returning to Oklahoma City! Yes to everything great and new and yes! Yes! Yes yes yes. We're moving!! Yes!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Thankfulness comes when you least expect it. It's 1:13am and my left arm is asleep making it impossible to type. If i just let it limply try I get this: asdfagrsgedscvfddfdrr... my right hand says that means hello. Anyway, so today was Allie and Ryan Scott's wedding. Beautiful I tell you. Absolutely gorgeous with hanging purple and lime green flowers, good work friends. Way to have a moviestar kiss and a fun wedding. I'm going to Nebraska tomorrow with Jonathan. Sooooo excited to visit the Meisners. It's been too long. It doesn't matter if it's been a day or a minute or a year, it's too long. Those folks are great. So much fun, and I actually think Lincoln is quite a place of mystery. After all, I do see somewhere different every time I visit!! Hopefully next time I'll be working at a coffee shop or something :) My mom and dad are back home still and Rox and Padraic are there too, and yep, they found a house and a field for Conner to run his legs. I'm so jealous that they live so close to my family (As in 30 seconds) but I suppose I could go too if I REALLLLY wanted to. Life's not fair huh? Give and take and then...pick  a place to live right? Well, I'm still job searching, that's right. Nothing new. Ya know, I don't blame people for asking me if anything new is going on and what I'm doing this summer, but my self-esteem really starts to plummet when I have to tell them the same thing...over and over and over. Ya know? It's like, they have no idea they're slamming me, but secretly I'm thinking "oh crap, please ask me what I'm doing this summer so I can humiliate myself just one more time today." Well, perhaps not that harsh, but close. I'll tell you what. Let me trade in my job for writing. Everyday. About everything I want to talk about. I mean, wouldn't that  be everyone's favorite job? Well, my new hobby is tennis. I'm full out just plain over the top ridiculous into it! Have you ever played?! It's so much fun!! I didn't believe it until I tried it, and now I can't stop dreaming about it--literally. I woke up with the urge to play tennis at 6am, only to fall asleep and wait for Jonathan to wake up in a few hours and ask him nicely to join me, but of course, then I slept until 11 so we didn't even make it out until the hot noon sun came out to join us, but, all the same fun anyway. Wanna play doubles? Yessssssss!!!!! you should so call. I'm not quite used to my new racquet, but I'm sure it will wear on me soon, the weight is just a bit heavier, but I like it overall. I want a dachshund. If you know of any really cute brown ones, then yes. I'll take it. Am I random? I get that sometimes, like tonight, Jonathan was making fun of me just a little bit, but now that I read back over my entry, nothing relates so much and it really is quite wierd. I don't apologize though, because as wierd as it may be, it's still my blog right? ha
I'm going to bed now. I'm going to dream about well...probably tennis, coffee, and the long trip in the car tomorrow with my best friend jonathan. I can't wait.

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