Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hurry up Easter! You can read more about these adorable baby chicks at elyfairphotos

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spotless Home 101

It is only a matter of hours before a completely spotless house becomes cluttered and dirty. You know what I’m talking about. Your spouse comes into the kitchen to get a snack and all of a sudden there is a whole sink full of dirty dishes to wash. How did all those shoes end up at the front door when you just got done putting them away? And how in the world did the laundry pile up so fast? Keeping your house clean can be a chore, but you don’t have to let it run your life!

First things first—life happens! It is just going to be messy sometimes. But, if you are one of the women all over the world that need help handling a messy family or just a messy you, here are some tips. You can make your house more inviting and achieve a cleaner, picked-up look by doing the little things constantly. If something takes less than 30 seconds, such as hanging your coat up, then do it right then. Don’t procrastinate the little things and it might surprise you how clean things will stay. Did you know that living in a clean environment is actually proven to lower stress?! If there is an understanding of order and cleanliness around the house, chances are that those around you will take interested in your new clean lifestyle as well.

Perhaps you have too much clutter. It never hurts to downsize your stuff. Remember to keep only what is most important and throw out old nick nacks and papers as soon as possible. If you do have lots of stuff laying around (especially in the office) get a file cabinet to organize it with labeled folders so important papers don’t get lost. If you have too many shoes, dishes, or furniture, maybe it is time for a garage sale. Extra cash is always a great idea! Remember to keep what is necessary and let go of some of the junk!

And now my personal favorite--have a little sit-down conversation (with homemade brownies, of course) with the others in your house and ask (nicely, very nicely) for some help around the house every once in a while. If they feel that you took the time to make this a special request because you were feeling overwhelmed, but did it in a nice and considerate way, they will tend to be more sensitive to your feelings. Besides, we all know that chocolate listens with love. That being said....BE INSPIRED and go ORGANIZE!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Does anyone else ever struggle with buying swimsuits? I mean, seriously struggle? If price were no object for me (because that has been the case before), it doesn't make a difference, because it doesn't fit--even if it is $238. Trust me, I have tried them ALL and would have paid dearly for a good one.

I must have some unknown body type or something.

So today, a small miracle happened. I found one...and was so excited about it that I did not hesitate buying the gorgeous thing for a nanosecond. I might have traded a small portion of my closet in exchange for a suit I loved so much as this one, but didn't have to because it was only $35! Color? Fushia. Place? Target! (who would have thought?!) Bring it on Summer!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Case it

Not that I have an iphone, because I don't, but if I did, I would definitely want one of these cases!! Um seriously? They are so cute! It's the perfect amount of stylish/vintage/cute mix. LOVE.

Get your own here.


Because I got inventive.
Because spring is here, but it's in denial.
Because I love scarflets.
Because I love yellow.
Because I wanted to.
That's why I made this--in the middle of March.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes I want to get in bed under the covers and turn my blow-dryer on high under the sheets. Today is one of those days.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beat this day please

So...I feel that I should report on just HOW wonderful my day was yesterday, not because I'm trying to brag, remind you that it was my birthday, or seek out anymore "happy birthday" comments, but simply because it genuinely was one of the BEST days ever!! I'm not sure how it couldn't be?! Enjoy the small slideshow!

1. Woke up and danced around the house in my pajamas to Justin Bieber and Owl City
2. Went shopping with my cousins Lana and Jami
3. Ate lunch at Coolgreens. It was new to me but so amazing! It's like ultra-healthy awesome soups, salads, and wraps! (...and presents too?! I got some handmade earrings from Jami and a Starbucks card from awesome!!!)
4. Went to Full Circle bookstore. I'm not sure how a good time cannot be had!
5. Then Cuppies & Joe, of course. I had to introduce my cousins to this magical place.
...Andrew just got back into town and joined us!
6. Got my eyebrows threaded (always wonderful!)
7. Went shopping again with the girls. I mean, why not?
8. Jami gave me a pedicure complete with amazing white tips--since it was 70 degrees outside and I insisted on wearing Berkinstocks.
9. Dinner at Hideaway with my wonderful family (Tomy and Mendy got me a seriously cool Miley Cyrus card that I just might keep forever! It's huge and plays a song that literally vibrates the card...along with an adorable new printed version of Sense & Sensibility!!)

Look at our papa, mama, and baby pizzas! How cute.
10. Watched NCAA basketball
11. Made almond lattes with my new syrup and espresso shot glasses from Andrew!
12. CAKE!! Jonathan made me a double Chocolate cake and it was really tasty!

12. You would think that would be the end right?? But... you would be wrong because we then proceeded to go to Borders (using my new itrip from Jonathan!) where I purchased New Moon at midnight! The woman in front of me asked me if I was turning 16. Yes, she was serious.

See? I told you. Perfect Day! I'm getting older and I'm alright with it considering I look almost 10 years younger according to the general public!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The best part of birthdays isn't the presents or the cake. It's spending time with people that I love (jonathan, andrew, lana, jami, mendy--and missing karlee) doing the things that I love (dancing, jumping on the bed, reading, shopping, bookstores, pictures, reading blogs, cuppies & joe, laughing, and spending time in the sunshine).
VERY much how I feel today

I'm not sure that I could ask for better plans for today! A special thanks to my blogging friends out there that make my day better weekly by posting wonderful blogs! I genuinely look forward to reading them each and every morning!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Spring Break MUSTS of 2010

(have completed those in green)

1. Build an entire amusement park out of popsicle sticks.
2. Have a dance party complete with a smoothie bar, lots of intelligent lights, subwoofers, a fog machine, and a DJ.
3. Make lattes often.
4. Edit an entire book.
5. Get a job interview.
6. Fix the kitchen faucet.
7. Accidently join--and get stuck in the middle of-- a 10K St. Patrick's Day race while running one morning.
8. Senior picture photo-shoot
9. Hang out with SUPERcool cousins.
10. Have a birthDAY to remember
11. Go to the New Moon DVD release party.
12. Read a book.
13. Add 10 new items to Etsy.

Not sure why break ever made it into Spring Break. :) So....what about you? What must you do this week?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"The sun hung from a string looking down on the world as it warmed over everything."
- If My Heart was a House by Owl City

I feel like the sun is coming back out again in my life, and it caused me to remember these pictures from Thanksgiving last year.

There is always beauty in circumstances that were missed before if we will only take the time to go back, be honest with ourselves, and take a closer look.

Isn't Mendy the most beautiful girl? Seriously. (pic taken by Jonathan)
This is the picture that made me go looking through albums to find.
I love this one.
I love my sister-in-law with all my heart. She's an unexpected
best friend and an even better sister. (pic by Jonathan)

God made this. All those tiny tiny tiny seeds.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So lately my husband has been sick. Like not just eh eh runny nose sick, but full on fevers, coughing spells all day and night long, aching, congestion, and now tonight, something seriously wrong with his stomach or spleen or some organ in there. I think maybe his lungs are bruised from coughing (seriously). So...when poor Jonathan gets better (he's had this for a week!) I'll give you an update that he is still breathing, but right now he's sleeping on the living room floor because he doesn't want to get me sick and I'm feeling quite guilty about that--and now blogging about it. I haven't caught his sickness yet though because I am PARANOID about washing my hands and not sharing germs (which amazingly enough, is working). So, take your vitamins and stay well all of you wonderful people that are well out there! There is hope!

I love all of your blogs:
Thanks Laura for all the updates about life in general and your relationship stories
Thanks Thompson family for all the pictures of your little cuties!!!
Thanks Kelly for your honesty and making me laugh so hard (all the time)!!
Thanks Sara for the encouragment
Thanks Mendy for never updating ;)
Thanks Laurie for having a way with words that I always look forward to reading.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today, I ran. I ran by a man who was riding his bike with his little four-year-old son on the back, who caught me off guard when the man shouted "Rascal! Comeouwn boy!" I soon realized that he was talking to his beautiful golden retriever, not his child, and the dog obeyed his every command without flaw. Rascal chased the man's red bike while he peddled furiously up the bike path that ran just by the river. The man held out a long stick to bribe the dog along before throwing it into the dancing river below. Rascal sprinted to the water's edge, jumped in, paddling with all of his might to retrieve the stick, and it immediately took me back to my childhood. It took me back to my summers in Kansas with our black lab named Lady who used to retrieve rocks, balls, and sticks from the water on days I went fishing at the pond with my dad.

Today, I ran. I ran by a man in his 30's who, at first glance, seemed to have brought everything but his kitchen sink out to go fishing along the still bend in the river. Then, after a little more rude staring, as I ran across the bridge above, I noticed that all the things he had brought along that seemed to be consuming so much space in the grass beside him had nothing to do with fishing at all--they were his daughter's toys. He had hauled out her child-sized lawn chair, a few stuffed animals, a blanket for her to sit on, a small fishing pole, a cooler of snacks, and a cute little pink hat. I couldn't help but smile at the loving gesture I was witnessing and felt as if I was intruding on a personal moment that was never meant for me. The girl seemed to be content and happy just sitting in her dad's presence as he casually turned to her to talk to her every couple of moments. That's what life is. It's those little moments that catch my breath in my throat.

Today, I ran. I ran by a woman walking, her face focused on the path ahead and literally wearing a growl. I wondered what had happened to her earlier in the day, where she lived, what she did everyday, and why she was so upset about walking in the beautiful sunshine on a Saturday afternoon. I just wondered.

Today, I ran. I ran by a man who drove up and parked at a remote control racecar track with his very young son. Running by, I watched as this man's child unloaded his wheelchair from the back seat, helped his dad get into it, and wheeled him across the parking lot to set up their cars. I ran to the end of the stretch and returned back the same way. As I clomped back by, I watched the little boy. He laughed so hard that he threw his head back and pierced the air with his high-pitched giggle while the man chased the boy's car with his own remote controlled one. It was sweet to see the man, who didn't have the ability to chase his son in real life, and yet found a way to be competitive with him anyway. It touched my heart. They had a hobby together. The dad never gave up.

Today, I ran. I ran by a homeless man walking on the running path under the bridge. I would be lying if I didn't say that I was scared of running by him at all since I was by myself in a city I never come to, and didn't exactly see him on the path until I rounded the corner. Besides that, I didn't know where I was--and at least 3 miles from home--or if he would try anything funny. (Sure, I was stereotyping, but I feel like sometimes girls can't be too careful.) But, this sweet man must have read my mind because he crossed to the complete edge of the other side of the path, smiled nicely at me, then put his head back down being careful not to frighten me by staring. He struck me as a sweet man who just had a lot of hard moments. He wasn't sitting on a street corner begging for food. He was minding his own business in the middle of nowhere and I was judging him. I had a reality check and was, all over again, thankful for my own life.

Today, I ran. I ran home to a husband who loves me and in-laws that are wonderful. To a warm house, a shower, and some ice cold water. I ran home to a computer that missed me, a cell phone that had 2 messages waiting, some clean clothes to put on, and some mint ice cream.

Running is so good for the soul. I would have never told you that a year ago, but I really feel like sometimes, on days like today, it's a gift, and I got to see the world. Lots of things other people missed out on reached out to me, just by running by.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Justin Bieber Video

Who else is in love with Justin Bieber? It's rather ridiculous that I love him so much too? Now, I'm not even necessarily talking about his voice (which is, indeed, very good!) but I AM talking about how sweet and genuine he is at such a young age. But seriously, he's quite cool! And besides that, he may have the biggest fan following on Twitter that I've ever seen in my life!

There was recently a little 3 year old girl that was crying uncontrollably because she missed Justin Bieber's music. Her mom put the video on youtube and it's quite funny. However, watch this clip. Jimmy Kimmel had Justin on the show to surprise this sweet little girl. I think she might be an actor someday. She's just too funny.

Please also check out his new song, which I loved! It's not out yet, but here's a sneak peak for ya: Justin Bieber/Sean Kingston's new song
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