Friday, July 18, 2008

No more getting yelled at by random neighbors for washing the dog wrong and "letting" her run away. No more of the cat's sharp teeth connecting with my big toe at 2am. No more leaky showers. No more vacuuming for 9 days to get the hair up. No more. No more free rent. No more space. No more double ovens and trash service just outside the door. No more freezer space and tivo!  No more internet and extra cash. 

Yes new dog! Yes new couch and new furniture and new life! Yes new job and new now! Yes new pictures and new attitude! Yes newly married friends and fun dinners! Yes new car (cross my fingers) and new books! Yes new writing and new publications! Yes yes yes. Yes to life and new life and now and tomorrow and yes. Yes to all the family returning to Oklahoma City! Yes to everything great and new and yes! Yes! Yes yes yes. We're moving!! Yes!!!

1 comment:

realolivegreen said...

Where are you moving?!! Congrats on your job!

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