Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's a Green Olive day

Watched some golf today. Should have washed the car but decided against it because it looks pretty clean. That's a bad reason, but it's still a reason. Washed the dog with Jonathan after we discovered poop completely covering the side of her head after leaving her alone in the backyard for an hour. She jumped the fence (although we keep thinking we fix the problem, we own Houdini, so I give up) to roll in another friend's poop before jumping back over the fence and bring it inside the house. :) Keeps life interesting! Watched The Devil Wears Prada, always a good one--although it makes me feel completely inadequate of walking out the door in any kind of clothing in my closet. Ran 2 miles with Jonathan and lake Hefner. We waited until 8:30p.m. because it was far too hot and humid to run during the day. Well, I mean, for Jonathan maybe it would have been okay, but I'm a little out of shape, and I at least require a cool breeze and a temperature below 90. Anyway, that was successfully fun!! We unsuccessfully got a snocone at Shimmers on the way home because I guess it closes at like 9 on a Saturday night. Went home and cooked some Olive Cheese Mounds that are by the way, so so good. If you like green olives, let me know and I'll hook you up with the recipe. It's seriously amazing. Started a new book. I love the library. I was thinking just the other day that when I get 3 new library books, I'll read them in like 5 days, but if I buy 3 books at Barnes and Noble, I might finish like one or two of them in a year. Why is that?! I think it's because I know that I own them and I can read them when I have time...I just never find the time. When it's a library book, I feel pressured to finish them so I don't have to check them out again. Free and efficient. Have to love the Library!! Found the most awesome blog ever today. "Thankful Paul" commented on my last post and you should check out both of his blogs. Seems pretty awesome. I'm going to start praying for him. Anyway, Grace and Peace.

Listen to it. It will change your life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Okay, so I decided that I have to post again because I really shouldn't leave anything on a bad note!!! Here we go...

1. It was such a beautiful day outside! However, not only did the humidity moisturize my hair, it made the air conditioning feel divine!

2. Try a cherry vanilla sprite at Sonic. It will rock your world!! Or for those of you who are diet people, try sprite zero :)

3. My toenails are bright orange!! Summer colors are so fun! Orange you glad I painted them orange???

4. Best deal of the day: $1 box of graham crackers from Target

5. Alaskan cruise is only 25 days away. What?!!!?!??!???? :)

6. Baking in the oven at the moment? Hershey's chocolate brownies. On very special days, some people deserve brownies at 11pm. These some people are the Meisners.

7. I have the best friends in the world. 

8. Wrote 3 short stories that made Jonathan smile.

9. Got a compliment on my old tennis shoes today. Made me feel nice. Who compliments someone on their tennis shoes anyway? What a nice person.

10. God is good. All the time.
Didn't get the job. Kinda bummed. Okay...well I cried all the way home from work and couldn't see. isn't over and I do trust God completely. I just want to make one thing clear--I'm not upset about NOT getting the job (although I wanted it verrrry badly). I'm just sad that I have to wake up and go to MY job again tomorrow. But, there is good in everything. Hey, at least I have one right? Some days are just better than others. Most are better than Tuesday, June 16th.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry for the delay or writing...not sure what happened there. Had a little reminder to write today and I'm back. :) So many things to say, so little time. I'll probably be posting a few short thoughts soon about random issues that I've been thinking about...

So I'm hoping to get out of my job. Many people know that I'm unhappy there. I feel that I've endured for a long time, but time is not slowing down and I'm getting older-- so I started looking for another one. I hope to hear about a job that I applied for tomorrow.  I'm hoping and praying there. Should find out tomorrow, which means, it could be a good day or...a day with interesting memories. Can't be a bad day completely because, well, God is in control, but I guess I can hope for what I want. I think--no, I know--that God gives us options, and well, I think he is in control, but he doesn't play humans like chess moves. He loves us and helps us and watches over us, but we have choices and dreams. Anyway, I'm hopeful.

Just got done reorganizing the office today and I felt inspired to write. It's been a long time since I've done that...too long, and I miss it. I love it. I feel motivated to write when everything feels good and in it's place. That hasn't been the case in my life for a long time, so maybe now it's beginning to feel like home. The desk is all cleared off and I had a few ideas, a few inspirations. 

Sometimes I feel so out of place in the world. I look around and I see so many "happy" people. I mean people that seem genuinely happy all of the time. I know that not every front people put on is real, but most are. You can't act ALL the time. So, I wonder. I know I'm not a depressed person, I'm not an overly spunky person, I'm not really even an outgoing person. I'm unusual uncategorized person. Weird. I wish I was more in control of some of the things that I do. Perhaps it has to do with my job. Perhaps it has to do with my friends or lack thereof, or of not being close to my family or enough encouragement in my life. Not sure, but I know I need something. The Lord gives me all that I need, but sometimes a little extra of the fun life experiences are nice. Not for sure what I'm trying to say, I just know that there is something, and I've got to figure out what it is. There's something I need to be doing--to be investing in. What is it? I'll pray about it, and when I need to know, I'll know. I have faith.

I'm the most fickle person I know. I was thinking about that today. Probably drives people around me nuts. Sounds like a bad things, and it is. I hate it. I hear it often from Jonathan or from my sister or from...lots of people. "Michelle, just make up your mind. Michelle, you didn't think that last week, why now? Michelle, you're bipolar." Well yes, then, I guess I am allergic to making decisions. I'll own up to it. I know that I am. I wish I wasn't. I want to make a decision and be glad that I made that decision 10 years from now. I want to be excited about a paint color without rethinking it 17 times. I want to say what I want for dinner before changing my mind on the way to the restaurant. I want to not change my outfit 10 times every morning. Is there a disease or something that could categorize me? so yeah. That's that.

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