Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh my word.



So life lately...

I don't really know where to begin, so I'll just start talking--typing--I suppose. When I started this job of mine, which really is alright besides the occasional freakout from a boss or two, I realized, or thought I realized, the meaning of Tax Season. No. Well, evidently it officially begins in February, but because of the "higher up" denial of understaffing and the overly ridiculous amount of work required by two people (well technically one, but I help), we have to stay until about 8 every night. How does that make sense? 

Anyway, so I guess our house shopping was put on a hold for a while because of work, but ya know, that's just how life is, and really, jobs are more important that housing (which would not be possible without them). Besides, I plan to take an insanely nice trip with all the overtime cash....I see no other option. :)

Anyway, so Twilight was great. I've heard tons of different opinions about the books, but my personal one is just.....AWESOME. I'm such a dork. I don't really care...I love them--LOVE THEM. Anyone want to see the movie, again?

So I'm not sure how Jonathan and I have been staying afloat with his technically 3 jobs---oh that's right, the Lord.  :) Between overtime, house shopping, Tuesday and Sunday church responsibilities, shopping of any kind, moving houses, and ahem ahem--sleeping (yes, it's a category), I cannot say thanks enough to God for sustaining and loving us through these (busy) times. I am so excited to do nothing this week though, and I seriously hope that Jonathan takes a day off! He's sort of like the energizer bunny...but I know that they replace the batteries when that bunny thing is not in a commercial shoot, right?

Also--lovin the Bachelor. I have been slightly disappointed with the last couple of shows, but Jason seems like a real guy with a real life. Go him.

And now...for some of the normal things I miss...

1. Going to Sam's and sampling everything with Jonathan
2. Vacuuming because I feel like it
3. Qdoba
4. Fall weather walks!
5. Taking pictures of people I love
6. Reading a bestseller and then talking someone else into reading it!
7. HGTV :)
8. Mom
9. Nonfat extra-hot Toffee Nut Starbucks latte
10. Michael Buble and Ingrid Michaelson

P.S. I am blessed blessed blessed. The Lord has taken care of me and Jonathan these past years of our life, and i definitely do not doubt him now. He continues to teach and show me ways to show his love to others, and I feel that I have been put where I am in life sort of as a missionary in a sense. It's hard, and it's not always picture perfect, but I am becoming a much stronger person, and I realize that through it all, God is glorified if I just do my part. How are people going to see Jesus if they do not have a chance to be shown Jesus' love? I am grateful to the many friends I have, and those that have prayed for us and continue to think of us. 

God is good, and though we may not understand where or why we are right now in life, there is a purpose. Looking back, I have never been disappointed in my life because I feel that everything I have done has a purpose. It has taught me what I do or don't want, what I need from myself, and I learn more about myself everyday through life experiences that are often awesome or sucky. Either one---haha....or both, like moving! :) 

Anyway, bring on life. I'm pumped about tomorrow!

"Count it all joy."

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Padraic said...

What about non-fat pumpkin spice Padraic lattes?

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