Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dream Home Tour

Wow. Who designed this room? I think they have my heart inside their body.
Stairs like this are...ah....a must.

Kitchen. Something White. Maybe white gloss floors too. I mean ALL white. Clean and bright is my favorite. After all, you have to have somewhere to eat, so it might as well be cute.
Don't love everything about this room, but the bedding is bomb. Where do I find a striped duvet cover this cute?! Anyone?! ...and the natural lighting makes me happy. Good morning sunshine!
Dream home tour complete.


Anonymous said...

good choices :)

Katie said...

Hey Michelle, I found that exact duvet cover you love (as do I!!). I went to the House & Home website through your link to look at more pictures, and found that picture. It's from DwellStudio. So I went to her website and found it, with so many cute other pillows and bedspreads (I love DwellStudio!). It costs $280, not horrible, but not cheap! Anyway, just thought I would let you know! I always love looking at your design inspirations!

Michelle said...

Katie! Ah snap! You made my day.:) might have to splurge.

Jenna said...

those bedding colors are the colors justin & i have decided on for our bedroom. :]

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