Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

So, although I wrote this on Sunday and evidently forgot to post it...I do in fact love my mom. :) Just out of curiosity, what do you love most about your mom? Here is what I love about mine...

I love how she always beats me at Canasta.
I love how she always makes a squinty face every time she drinks limeade, but it's still her favorite.
I love how nice she is. She would do anything for anyone.
I love that she's a master cook. The woman can make a killer meal out of old leftovers and rotten tomatoes.
I love that she laughs at my stupid jokes.
I love that she loves parks 100 miles away from the door in the Walmart parking lot just so she won't get a door ding.
I love that every time we go to Walmart together, a former student always comes up and says, "Ms. Dawson! Ms. Dawson! I'm doing really well in school this year! You would be so proud of me!"
I love how she says, "Well then, what are we gonna do about that?!"

I love her. So much. Happy (late) Mother's Day mom!

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