Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Friend Ashley

I'm getting to know Ashley Biggers, and I like her.

This girl is crazy cool. We spend a lot of time, intentionally and unintentionally together. We go to morning bootcamp together at 5am, we office together 5 feet from each other for 8 hours a day, I see her at church on the weekends, she occasionally watches Truett for us, and she gives me a ride home occasionally, as in...today. Trust me, I see her!

The purpose of this post is to tell people near and far, that this girl is legit. What your see is what you get. She is that kind, that honest, that caring, that giving, that funny, and that sweet...ALL of the time. No joke. She's a team player. If you need a new friend, give her a call at 304-392-0998. Just kidding, I'd never sell her out that fast. :)

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