Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blue Skies

Not too long ago, I lost my grandpa. Talk about a great guy and lover of Jesus, that was him. Anyway, the day before I left on my travels to Iowa to attend his funeral, I was reading my devotions, and this question was in my book to ask God, "God, how do you reveal yourself to me through your creation?"so I asked him.

Michelle, have you ever noticed the sky? It's a clear blue that goes on forever, with no corners or end points. It's like my love. It's constant, and there are no end points. It simply goes on forever. Sometimes there are cloudy days, or rainy days, or sunny days. Sometimes they are overcast, or foggy, but every single time, the sky always returns to a clear blue. So do I. Some days in life are sunny, or cloudy, or even rainy, but they'll always return again to blue, Michelle. I'll always be there among the hard days and the great ones. I never leave. Your circumstances may change, but I am constant. You know when planes fly across the sky and leave a white streak behind them? It always goes back to blue again, doesn't  it? The streak completely disappears, and if you looked again in an hour, you wouldn't be able to tell where the plane ever flew. That's like my forgiveness. Even when you sin in the midst of my vast love, I forgive you, and I erase your faults completely, just like the streak in the sky. And you're right back where you started in the first place, in the midst of my endless love.

So, as I left on my trip to Iowa the next day, to attend grandpa's funeral, I noticed the sky. It was cloudy and overcast, just overall dreary, and I remembered what God had said about the sun coming back out again. Sure enough, as I was driving back home a few days later, I noticed the most beautiful sunrise I'd ever seen. Maybe I've been blind to the beauty of the sky all of my life, or maybe it's all about perspective, but I noticed it that day, and I felt that hug come straight to earth.

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