Saturday, March 22, 2008

We had no doubt that we had found the place--the ranch was unbelievable. The huge lodge of a mansion was  unmistakable. The gate welcomed us with a sign that was spelled out in big bold letters with a lasso "Welcome to Rusty Gables." Western Decor engulfed the front yard, and the waterfall fell smoothly over some rustic rock sculptures just across from the horse pasture.

Not many things can be as memorable as 17 light switches in one room and a breakfast from heaven. I take that back.  Perhaps it was that king size bed. If I could have carried that thing out on my shoulders, I would have taken it home! It felt like a swimming pool of feathers. A tub of cotton balls. A sponge the size of Australia. Well, you get the picture.
 The log cabin made me miss Colorado. The cowboys made me miss Oklahoma. The bed made me miss my sleep. The food made me miss my mom. And despite it all, it was the most relaxing I've done since my honeymoon a year ago. I'm so relaxed today that I actually ache. 

HAPPY EASTER on another note. He is definitely risen! Lets celebrate!! 

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Mendolin said...

I'm so glad to know that you and Jonathan had SUCH a great time! I just love you Michelle! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

He is risen! :)

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