Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nearly a month and what have I already wasted?

It's been less than a month and life has not slowed down. The bills still come, the cold air still leaks into the house through an invisible window, and the car still needs to be filled with gas. The dishes still need to be washed, the work keeps piling up, but no matter how fast I finish it, it doesn't matter. Work keeps coming back, like an automatic refillable food dish that dogs who are spoiled enough to shop at Petsmart have.

My classwork tugs on my left arm, demanding my time while my bed pulls me gently to it's soft sheets. "Sleep Michelle," it says. "You haven't visited in two days." Yet still, the classwork has a tougher grip and wins the tug-of-war.

All the hours I spend on worthless work and producing things doesn't matter. No one remembers, and to be honest, although I learn a little, I learn much more from the one person who walks up to me and says, "That was great but what about this error I found?" That's right. All the work, all the time, energy, for a critique? What happened to the thank-yous, the good jobs, the fantastic--"can you show me how you pulled the off"? No, just negativity. 

In a world of so much good, the news only shows the bad. In a world of so much love, the people talk about the hate.

So the laundry HAS to be done, so what? That sentence is false. The laundry NEEDS to be done. Even if you do it today, won't the laundry still be there tomorrow? Absolutely. 

But there are a few things that do matter.


(and not in that order)

Life is all about getting priorities straight. Once that happens, most people will be retired. 



Andrew said...

Thank you so much for the insight! I know exactly what you're saying. Even though I have less responsibility at this point in my has begun.

Sammy Planes said...

thanks for your words...

God made it beautiful, we make it a mess...

But He still makes it beautiful, it doesn't matter for some, but for some others YES! thank you.

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