Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 pairs of socks
2 pair of jeans
3 t-shirts
1 hat
1 rain jacket
1 sweatshirt
1 lined jacket
1 umbrella
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of rainboots
1 tube of chap-stick
1 drivers license
1 turkey sandwich
1 ipod
1 cell phone
1 sleeping bag
1 foldable chair
2 trash bags
and sadly, only 2 arms to carry it all...

I'm sleeping out at Chick-fil-a tonight. Well noon until seven in the morning. Twelve inches of rain are expected to fall before morning, which classifies as a small flood in my book, all for some hot chicken? Yes! But, I guess spending time with good friends and a whole lot of laughs isn't going to be so tragic--just a little cold. 

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