Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What if...

Today I sat down to dinner with Sarahbeth and we talked about how marvelous pens are, how much we love The Glass Castle, and how seriously awesome it is to have amazing friends. We decided that Oklahoma really is pretty cool, although we'd both maybe prefer Colorado. :)

Then of course we had to go buy a few new pens, talked about how dirty some public bathrooms are, discussed feeding dogs Cheerios or just plain cheese when they run out of food from responsible pet owners like me, and then laughed about picking our favorite sport teams based on location or color instead of any kind of skill.

I can't imagine many things better than some seriously great quality girl time with a really great friend like that.

Also, so vain but got new bangs today---AGAIN. Wow, I just love to cut hair off don't I? And yes, I posted a pictures of MYSELF on MY OWN BLOG!!! :) I'm so into myself. Really.

Now seriously, I want to say that I'm so thankful this week for so many countless blessings in my life. I've been reminded to trust. I've been reminded that today is such a gift and there is no time to waste waiting for something better to come along, because what if it doesn't?

Life so easily turns into the WHAT IF game. What if I had a different family? What if I picked a different major? What if I was good at basketball or what if I had a perfect face? What if I was taller? What if I had more money? What if I had better parents? What if I had a more understanding wife or husband? Would life really be better? Do you really think so?? Why are you worrying about a past that you cannot change?

ENOUGH. It's possible to WHAT IF yourself out of your mind--cause I've done it. And let me tell you, I'm the last one on the planet that has a reason to ever say those words. Think of all the wonderful things that you have learned from your life that others may not have had a chance to learn because of their different circumstance. Maybe learning to be thankful for your life is a new thing, but God made you just as he thought you should be--perfect. You have a plan and a purpose, and only He knows it. So stop looking back and wondering, because in the process, you're missing the now. Maybe someone out there is thinking, "What if I had a friend that understood what I'm going through?" and maybe, just maybe, that person is you.

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sara said...

love you a lot girl... thanks for your blog today!! it spoke to me!

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