Friday, August 21, 2009

Tribute to the one and only mom I ever get.

My mom is an amazing person. She loves, laughs, and lives like it's going out of style. It's no wonder that I'm a happy person. She just wears off on people.

And, as always, beautiful as ever...
My mom and I love books. We found this little bookstore in Juneau, Alaska and we had to stop in and look. Wouldn't it be fun to own one of these? My mom, of course, bought a book that she thought that I would enjoy so that she could read it an then give it to me. I mean, who thinks like that? All mothers, or just my own? She's too giving, too caring, and too loving, and I am too lucky!!

She LOOOOVES pine cones, which I think is so cute. At Christmas she always has a stash about the size of a 5 gallon tub full of them and she bakes them (to get the bugs out), spray paints them in all kinds of festive colors, or usually just gold, and decorates with them, gives them away...whatever. But, I think it's cute that she loves them so much. She found these tiny little baby pine cones in the Yukon territory in Canada and she smuggled them back across the border. 

It's funny how some of my favorite pictures aren't the smiling ones, but the ones that capture people in their natural setting and often the little ways I remember things most in the past. This picture immediately takes me back to amazing family vacations and attempting to watch a movie and mom falling asleep after 5 minutes--every time.

Love her smile.
My mom might have a heart attack if she knew I posted this picture, simply because she wouldn't ever want people to think of her as materialistic or vain or anything like that. In fact, this car was a very special birthday gift from my dad and she hardly drives it because she is afraid of what people might think. It was a SUPERHUGE surprise, and she deserves it more than anyone I know. She is so selfless, giving, caring, loving, and never EVER thinks of herself before another person. I can't imagine anyone more deserving of such an generous gift. I'm sooooo happy for her. I think she might still be in shock! She looks dang good in her new BMW!
I know it's a bunch of gush, but sometimes I'm just overly appreciative for certain qualities in my life, and I have to give recognition where thanks is due. Love you mom, even though you may never read this.


one stroke of his brush said...

This post is much deserved. Your mom IS wonderful. You all are really ;-)
and w00t for the new car!!!

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

Hi Michelle! I'm so happy to have found new work...I promise it was an answer to prayers...

This was a nice to read about your mother also, and I'm sure she would love to read it. I hope you are doing well these days. How is your work stuff going?

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