Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mendy is...

a smart, beautiful, caring, loving, giving, sweet, friendly, funny, Godly, athletic,
creative, neat, and lovely woman.

I am so proud of all of Mendy's accomplishments (her newest is Homecoming Queen!) and am so glad that we are family. I find her personality refreshing and honest and her love for the simple things much like mine. She always has time to give helping others and you'll always find her with a sweet smile. Thanks for being a shining light in a dark world and making it a better place. I love you sister.

Forever and Always,


Janette said...

Such a great post. :)

I especially love the photo of the two of you at homecoming. You're both so beautiful.

Mendy said...

Michelle... This is super duper sweet! I am so so blessed to have you as a sister! :)

Love you tons and tons!!!!

Unknown said...


Somehow I stumbled upon this post about me, and wow. . . you're the sweetest! I know I've obviously seen this before seeing as how I've commented on this, but uncovering this sweet post is such a treat! Thanks for your continual love and friendship. So glad we're related! :)

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