Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Christmas List

This is my top 10 list, in no particular order. How in the world could I pick anyway?!
1. A Robert Pattinson wall calendar. Hey, everyone has that one little quirk.
2. An iphone. I'm still in the Blackberry world, but maybe sometime next year I'll cross over.

3. Cute Earrings. These are from Anthropolgie. $28
4. Joshua Bell's new CD. Love love love his music (and not his CD cover). Get it here.
5. An Espresso machine. This one is on sale at Starbucks if you happen to want one too!

6. Brown leather boots. I'm a big fan of these from NineWest because they only have a 1 1/4 inch heel, perfect for work.

7. Adorable BKE Jeans. The perfect combination of medium dark color with a slight bootcut stretch. My fave.

8. Cute bootie slippers like these! From Target.

9. A really awesome white watch. This one is a Michael Kors from Macy's.
10. A cute quilt like this one from Anthropolgie.

We all want things for Christmas, and some of the things on my Christmas list this year make me laugh. Funny thing is, I feel terrible even posting a Christmas list at all (I have never sent one to my parents in my life) because I feel that Christmas isn't about presents at all. All of these things are so unnecessary, but all of them fun regardless. What do you want most for Christmas? I'd love to hear!


Jenn said...

Colleen just got the Rob Pattinson calendar for her bday. It is fabulous. We all were drooling over him.
I hope Santa puts it under your tree this year.

Michelle said...

Oh my word thanks Jenn! I hope so! What a hottie.

Jami said...

If I could max out a credit card anywhere I chose... Anthropologie would be in the running ;-)love it.

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