Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feminine//Gothic LOVE

This is not really my decorating style at ALL, but I love the feminine gothic style here with a passion. The black wall and the white wall and huge window with natural light rocks my world. The contrast just works. And look at that amazing headboard! I would never pick that out in a million years, but I love it, and it's perfect for this room. It adds just the right amount of femininity. I think this is why decorating homes fascinates me so much, because no matter how many rooms I look at, each has it's own personality, and two are never ever the same. What's your favorite style? This one could be ranking pretty high in the next decade of my life. I'm already wondering which wall in my house could survive painted black.
Photo found here

1 comment:

jami jensen said...

yeah that's beautiful! I think your office could do a black wall :)

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