Saturday, August 21, 2010

I wish I was 50

I wish I was 50. I know that most people wish to keep their young age and their healthy bodies, but not me. I want to be old. I want to have lots of wrinkles and be much more wise that I am at the young old age of 24. I'm ready to live my years to the fullest and have a brain full of wonderful memories.

I may just have to drive a sexy sports car with a wicked awesome hair-do. And I hope all the kids in the neighborhood knock on my door every day because they know I'll give them all the free ice cream they can eat. I hope they never ask to jump in the pool, but just always come on over and help themselves. I want to wear vibrant purple eye shadow--and lots of it.

When I see people this age, I think, wow, can we be friends? Those are some of the best people in this world to get to know. Anyway, I can't wait.

Grandma Meisner

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jami jensen said...

I just said "Oh, Michelle" out loud. and it's mostly because i think you are so cool. Seriously, i have the neatest cousins! When we DO get that old can we please go shopping and get our nails done and make crafts together?
I look forward to the day...

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