Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let me explain

1. This is me apologizing for not finishing our home office yet! I am so close, but not close enough... because it's October! I plan on finishing at least the paint this week and hope to get pictures up by Friday. I want it so badly, therefore, it's achievable with a little focus.

2. My house is messy. I'm not sure that I have a great excuse for this. No, actually, I don't. My mother had the busiest schedule in the world, a full-time job, and 3 kids, and yet somehow found a way to keep our house clean and do our laundry. I know that this isn't always a reasonable expectation. But for me, this week, someone should have said, "Michelle, clean the house." This too will also be done by Friday.

3. Sometimes in my life I just find excuses. There comes a point at which I should stop making excuses and start living.

Like right now.

I should probably stop typing and fold the laundry, but my concern for my personal relationships and my passions stand in the way! That's okay sometimes, but other times it's not. So, life is a balancing act and I'll continue on the road to figuring it out, because I also believe in down time. It's needed just as much as hard work.

4. I forgot to feed my dogs tonight. What is my problem? I had so much going on that I didn't remember to feed them?! Oh wait, or to let them in--twice today? I'm glad they're not children.

5. I did not make the bed one time in the last 2 weeks.

6.I have a dirty car. I am also thankful for the delicious rain outside right now.

7. I did not drinking enough water this week. I need to work on this one.

I'm a real person...with real problems. I hope that you wonderful readers realize you're not the only one out there with a messy house, dirty car, or a long to-do list. Life happens, so have the most wonderful time living it this week!!


LB said...

I reeeeally love your vulnerability. There is such beauty and freedom in imperfection! Love you!!

Amy Statezny said...

I like you already Michelle!

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