Friday, October 29, 2010

Name that Room

As I was room-hunting, I stumbled on some really awesome rooms...that reminded me of certain friends. This is fun. Who do they remind you of?

1. Neely
2. Sarah T.
3. Janette
4. Mendy
5. My momma
6. Andrea
7. KENDI!!!!!!!
8. Grandma
9. Aubree
10. I'm stuck on this one. I don't know? Possibly Larissa.
11. Candace
12. Me (dreamin')
Now see...wasn't that fun?! :) I can think of so many more people, but there just weren't enough fun rooms! Maybe we'll do this again next week!

All pictures are from House and Home, my fave :)


Thompson Family said...

For all the girls I know, you NAILED it. You should win a prize! Now where is your room?

Michelle said...

okay okay... i added it :)

Rick said...

Yes, yes, I get it. And "Rick" is your bathroom, or did I not even make the list?

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