Thursday, June 2, 2011

I don't have a picture.

So, this is more of a talky blog. I always love fun pictures, but it's just not one of those days.

So, I haven't talked much about being pregnant, but man, almost at week 16, I guess it's okay now huh? I should probably stop living in denial and start embracing whatever it is that I'm supposed to love about pregnancy. I'm gonna be honest, why do people always say they love being pregnant? I feel like you just feel huge and sick all the time. I'm certainly NOT doubting that the sweet little baby will be worth it all, I already believe that, and love the little thing so much. But, I'm not rejoicing in my sleep about the extra nausea, indigestion, tiredness, or looking in the mirror and thinking, hmmm did I gain 5 pounds, like, just today?

I may change my tune in a couple of months, but today...that's the honest truth.
What is the most fun part of being pregnant? To me? Praying for this little life that God has trusted Jonathan and I with. Second, decorating the nursery of course! I haven't done much, but have some serious fun ideas flowing. Perhaps I'll do a before and after post when it's finished! That would be fun!

God bless my little readers who are tuning in. As much as I don't love belly pics, I might post one just so you can follow along every once in awhile. :) Much love!

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Graves said...

Believe me, I have wondered when it will feel "special" to pregnant. Not that the product of pregnancy isn't miraculous or anything short of amazing, but pregnancy itself can be exhausting!

I've felt ugly/big all day! I just keep praying for help in the area of God humbling me. I've struggled a lot with pregnancy.

Anyhow, I've been thinking of you and hope you feel renewed in energy soon.

Blessings :-)

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