Monday, July 18, 2011


All things considered, I'm failing at a few things and rocking a few others. Lets begin...

Could-be-better-if-I-tried-harder list
Working out (come on Michelle, get out of bed)
Going to bed on time (being 2 hrs late every night is no longer acceptable)
laundry (just 2 loads behind...or maybe 3)
drinking water (FAIL. How about never? Why has this always been a life struggle?)

nursery progress (walls, paint, curtains, bed....check)
maintaining a positive attitude (all things considered, I think I am winning here)
cooking dinner (B+ on this, because 3 out of 7 is good at this house)


laurie said...

So proud of you for this list! You're doing such great things right now, even while you sleep :)

I'm bad about drinking water and get in trouble at almost every single appointment for not drinking enough! What's helped me on days I need to drink a lot is buying a Route 44 ice water with lime from sonic and squeezing limes into it!

Laura said...

I can help you with a few things on your list!

1. I can work out with you in the mornings if you're up for it! Just like the good ol' days at SNU. :)
2. Drinking Water. I'm not awesome at it but I can send you reminders during the day. :)

Things I can't help you with because I struggle:
1. Laundry. I haven't done it in probably 2 weeks. It's exploding out of the hamper!!!

Things you should add to your list as a pat on the bag - hug - superpower:
1. Creating a baby.

But YAY!!!!!! For that sweet baby room and positive attitude and dinner!! I'm proud of myself for being better and cooking dinner too!! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks friends! I AM going to try the sonic thing laurie :) and Laura, yes about working out! Please can we do some 6am dates like 2 weekdays and one weekend morning? That was fantastic! :) Thank you both for the nice encouragement! :)

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