Sunday, July 3, 2011

Prego Questions

Is it always depressing to put regular clothes in boxes? I'm not sure I was prepared to feel this emotion about growing so big. So, I put them in boxes. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Is it normal to lose 7 pound in one day?! I'm totally serious when I say that I have NO idea how that happened. No, seriously. Trust me, I eat plenty.

Do you think having a new dresser is something that should be necessary? I was thinking about repainting one that we have, but I kind of want to get a newer bigger new one, because I'm sure we'll keep it and use it for years to come. Thoughts?

Do babies always kick more when they are cold? Every time I eat something cold or have a freezing drink of water, I got lots of punches.

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Graves said...

I too, felt a bit emotional about putting my cute pre-pregnancy clothes away. But there are cute maternity clothes out there!

Haven't heard of losing 7 pounds in a day but if you are still breathing, must be a good sign! ;-)

New furniture is fun! Whether making it "new" by repainting or purchasing brand new. Something about fresh, clean new wood. Changes the room too.

About the cold thing. Yes. Normal. It wakes them up so naturally they let you know. How sweet! Those are fun little moments.

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