Monday, January 16, 2012

For all you mommas out there, have any of you ever had a kid that spit up buckets? I don't mean a few wet burps either, I mean...BUCKETS. Jonathan and I stopped calling it "burping him" and we now call it "spitting him" because it's gotten so bad. It's usually around 3oz of liquid. Poor little guy hates it coming up just as much as I hate watching it. Yes, he's on Prilosec for acid reflux, and I think it helps him feel better. Unfortunately, it doesn't really help the spitting in the slightest. :) I'm okay with having a kid that is wet all of the time and constantly wearing a bib. There are bigger problems in life. He's healthy and mostly feels pretty good I think. It's not affecting his growth, so I'm okay with it. The only time it's hard to handle is when I'm tired, he feels miserable, I'm completely wet, he's completely wet, and he's screaming because he's still hungry. Now that, that is hard. I don't know why you never hear about stories like this before you have kids. I mean, I guess people don't want to be debbie downers and tell you about all of their problems if your child is going to be just fine. I get that. But I mean, NEVER had I heard about this until Truett. The doctor says he is perfectly fine as long as he's growing and not showing signs that he's in too much pain, so we are thankful for our very chill child, considering how he's probably feeling. What a trooper!

On the flip side, I'm thankful that Truett is a great sleeper. We bath, feed, and spit him around 10 or 11 and put him down, usually with his eyes wide open, and we don't hear his voice again until 6 or 7 am. I'm not sure how we got so lucky there, but that's okay with me. On days when I think, man this spitting is a lot to handle, I realize that I guess that's why God allows me to get good sleep. It really is a give and take. He's growing...and he's happy. Thank you Lord for your many many MANY blessings. We sure don't deserve them all, but you keep sending them down one after the other. If I thanked you every day of my life, I would never come close to catching up.

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amanda said...

hey sweet girl, we had a very similar experience. davis had gerd (almost identical to acid reflux) however; it was affecting his growth. it started improving once we started solids. im so sorry sweet truett is having this problem. i remember countless loads of baby spit up laundry and always having a wet spot on my shirt :) good luck and start some solids as soon as you can, it helps!!

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