Friday, August 17, 2012

Real Conversations

God, I feel like a mean person today. I keep saying things before I think about them. That's not typical me, or is it? Why is today so hard? I keep letting myself down over and over. Will you help me? I'll always help you. Stop, and remember who you are in me and stop living for yourself. You like to say what you like to say, but I have better plans for you if you'll follow my instructions. I'm trusting you to make the most of each moment. Help me God? I'm an amateur, but I want to be better. I'll help you. Just ask me first in every situation. I can't help if you don't ask. You're right. I should ask you first, because I trust you most.

Hey Michelle, you know that money you just made? I'd like for you to put that in the offering. Sure thing. How much? Half? All of it. But God, I was really wanting...well...stuff. I'm just being selfish for no reason. Gosh, red-handed again. I'm such a stingy person. You're not a stingy person. You're a generous person, and you believe so wrongly about yourself. I'm going to take care of your needs. Don't I always? Right now, there's someone that needs it more than you need new shoes. I want you to be generous, and I'm helping you practice. You don't need it, Michelle. Don't just say that you love me, prove it by listening to my voice. I trust you, God.

God, I'm lonely, and I feel misunderstood. I understand you completely. I made you and I will care for you. Remember Isaiah 46? I'm going to be with you for your entire lifetime. Do you trust that I will love you for eternity? I trust you, God. Now go ahead. I'm listening, and I'd like to hear about your day.

God, sometimes when I am working, I look up and feel overwhelmed by the time. A wave of panic rushes through my body because I see the clock and how much is left undone, and I begin to feel my body temperature rising and a wave of panic overtakes my mind. In those moments, just stop and talk to me. Pray. Ask me for what you need, because I have an endless supply of help, if you only trust me. I'm asking you to change. Nothing is too big for me to handle. If you make time for me, I promise that you will have time to finish your work. How's that for a promise? Nothing is more important than time with me. Nothing. I trust you, God.

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Leelee said...

This is a beautiful conversation of prayer. I am glad I am not the only on who posts these kind of conversations.

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