Friday, November 9, 2012

Writing a Book

Let's suppose you were going to pick out a really great new book to read. Would you read mine? I'm going to start one this weekend, and I'm going to finish it too. And if no one else in this world ever reads it, I'm still going to write it, because it fills my heart all the way up to the tippy tip top! Let's say it's actually about something interesting though, like boys, and fights, and hard times. Let's pretend it's full of stories, love, and hate. How about then?

And what if, just suppose, these were the chapter titles, which ones would you read, and which ones would you skip? Actually, I really really do want to know your opinion.
  • Trying to fail
  • Life mottos 101
  • Getting good at the little stuff
  • You are your words
  • Hypocrite in training
  • Word Vomit
  • Memorizing scripture ain't just for your grandma
  • God didn't make you lazy, stupid, or ugly
  • The power of self-talk
  • If words are gateways to the heart, then actions are lie dectors
  • Just because you can, doesn't mean you should
  • Waiting to grow up
I'd love to know what you think! And if no one responds, I'll just take it as a big green flag to write for myself! :)


ashleyeilajackson said...

I think that it is exciting that you want to write a book! I would read it :) I think that I would be most interested in the chapters on memorizing scripture, words and actions, and waiting to grow up. Sounds like you already have a good start on the book!

Karlee Webster said...

Thats awesome! I think the ones that catch my attention most are word vomit, memorizing scripture,& hypocrite in training.

Brenda Joy said...

I would read the WHOLE thing!

Hillary Underwood said...

That is so exciting Michelle!! I love the "Getting Good at the Little Stuff" title!

Ashley Greeno said...

Trying to fail
You are your words
Hypocrite in training
God didn't make you lazy, stupid, or ugly
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should
Waiting to grow up

Those are my favorites :) Good for you for writing a book! What an amazing accomplishment. I'm glad I found you on She Shares today. Good luck to you!

Sara Englehart said...

I would be first in line to get any book that you wrote! I would read every word! I absolutely mean that! Can I order a copy? Where do I sign?

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