Sunday, November 3, 2013


It's true. God makes everything beautiful in his time. Flowers remind me of this more than any other thing on earth. Perhaps that's why I've come to love them so much more than I used to.

When I first got married, I used to tell Jonathan not to bring home flowers. How crazy, right? To me, they seemed like a waste of money. I still thought it was such a thoughtful gift, but I never understood how someone could spend money on something that got limp and died in only a few days. day I made a connection. God reminded me about the flowers, and how he makes everything beautiful in his time. Like a flower, we all start as small seeds, and even worse, we start out life in filthy dirt and sin. We don't deserve to grow, but God's word waters us, his love shines down on us, and God shields us from life's storms and winter's cold days as we slowly began to grow through different seasons of life. We are all different, just like flowers. We may be the same color or type of plant, but we are all completely our own, and we have our own fingerprint. We grow because the gardner, God, prunes our leaves and keeps us healthy in a community with other plants, and we are only able to grow because of him! We are growing for him and because of him, and that's the only thing that gives us worth. Without him, we would still be seeds living in the dirt.

The older I get, and the more I know the Lord, the more I appreciate stunningly beautiful, fragile flowers. I would never call them a waste of money in a million years now, and if you asked me today if I would feel loved with flowers, I would say YES! I would rather look at flowers than almost anything else...well, besides my smokin' hot husband.

What kind of flower do you love? If I could pick anything, I'd get some beautiful pink and white peonies or yellow lilies. I love flowers. So so SO much.

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