Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thoughts of a beautiful life

Because life is beyond our intelligence, light beyond our vision, and love beyond our comprehension, we do not try to understand much more than this:

If there are words to say, may we speak them.
If there are beautiful moments, may we brand them into our imaginations for eternity.
If there are miracles in front of us, may we never be too blind to see them.
Lord Jesus, be near.

If there are thoughts to be had, may we not ignore them with excuses.
If there is hurt in our life, may we surrender it to the Savior.
If there is heartache, may we have the time to heal.
Lord Jesus, be near. Hear us.

For if we are too busy, too blind, and too selfish, we will never see the future for what it really is. It will forever be only a city inside a glass bottle that we may never touch. We may never touch it, for fear of breaking.

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