Monday, February 11, 2008

What is love to me?

Love is changing a flat tire in the rain so she doesn't have to.
Love is taking off work early just go with her to that scary doctor's appointment.
Love is genuine--never failing.
Love is telling him not to wear that because it doesn't really match.
Love is reminding her that she is as beautiful on Saturday morning as she is at Sunday church.
Love is saying thank you.
Love is putting your own problems aside to listen to his bad day.
Love is offering a back rub even though it hurts to give with your arthritis.
Love is patient.
Love is 50 Christmases in a row together sharing traditions and unforgettable memories.
Love is selling your car to pay for the new baby.
Love is holding her when her sister died tragically in that accident.
Love is picking her fresh flowers on your way home.
Love is being level-headed when she's not.
Love is about her.
Love is about him.
Love reflects its master after time.
Be love and you will receive it. 
But really, true love doesn't care if it ever receives it. It would do it anyway.

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