Monday, February 11, 2008


We all have a direction, we all follow a direction, and sometimes, we all need a direction. Life takes some of us up huge mountains full of new careers and beautiful children. For others, they don't ever see a mountain, and can only recognize deep valleys of disappointment, death, and divorce. Some of those in the world don't choose their path, such as pastors, soldiers, and pilots, and of course Uncle Henry on Christmas Eve when Aunt Ruthie says, "We're going to the in-laws!"
But no matter what, there is always something--a direction. For Christians, it's a still small voice. For chemo patients, it's the doctor's news. For children, it's their mother telling them to go to bed. For me, it's an untold story, much like a breeze on an autumn day. Where to next? What lies ahead? My journey thus far is already better than was ever dreamed possible.
I'm moving, going up a hiking trail in Colorado. I haven't seen all the beauty yet, because I know the real view is from the top, so I'll enjoy the pines and the bluejays along the way, knowing that eventually I'll get there, and the beauty will be entirely worth the climb.

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Padraic said...

it is quite coincidental that your writing about direction. this has been a common theme in my life, direction. as i write this i am aware that you are also taking some change in direction, graduating soon, discovering new territory and finding out what else life holds for you. for me, i assumed that when i graduated and made my way up north i would be moving in one direction and maybe would even be able to make camp for a little while. i have discovered that as i moved this direction the more my direction changed and now i am moving in two directions. i keep asking myself, "how can i follow two different headings?" not only are they different, they seem almost opposite.
as our lives continue to change and our journeys advance, when the world's paradigms shift, and we are left looking at a fork in the road, I am left worrying which path will define me as a vagabond and which path will describe as a sojourner?

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