Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a boy!

People! Only three days until Roxanne's baby shower! I cannot express to you my excitement! This is a serious first! I know that Roxanne doesn't really read my blog (or I'm not aware of it) so I feel okay about saying what we're doing and getting some feedback. I just want to make sure I got everything, and why shouldn't I with all of you girls (and guys) out there?

We have:
a diaper cake
amazing animal shaped sugar cookies from a bakery
scones and lemon sauce from a tearoom
fresh flowers!!! (that was my MUST!)
classic baby cupcakes with cute little blue monkeys on the top (going with the animal theme)
fruit kabobs
a banner made of diapers (genius idea from my mother)
Punch (any suggestions??---would it be appropriate to just have hot/cold tea?)
cute vintage glass plates, teacups, and saucers
party favors
any cute game ideas?

And oh yes, it's a boy!!

The cake below is one I've attempted to make this week, and I learned that fondant is not as easy as you might imagine (my culinary flaw). If any of you know how, I'd like a class please. I went another route, but I really am a little depressed that I can't make this for my sister and was so in love with this cake! Maybe I'll learn how to do this fondant masterpiece (or will purchase it) in time for baby shower number two, whenever that may be. I can say that I tried (and failed), but TRIED!!!


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