Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 Valentine's Day Ideas!!

Ever get stuck trying to be creative? Here are 5 great ideas that will make your day a little easier!

1. Absolutely yes. You can make cookies! If you want to make these, you can visit Cake on the Brain for these and more yummy recipes! The time and effort of the homemade gift is sure to be appreciated.
2. For those of you that wait to buy a card until the last day. This year, don't. Buy your card early and send your sealed and fully pre-addressed pre-stamped card to your sweetie INSIDE of another envelope to: Postmaster, Attn: Valentines, Loveland CO 80537. Your card will be postmarked LOVEland, Colorado and it will also be hand-stamped with a unique four line poem. The Loveland Chamber of Commerce heads up this yearly romance project with cards going to all 50 states and over 100 foreign countries annually.

You can also send it to postmasters of these cities too:

Valentine, Texas 79854

Valentine, Nebraska 69201

Kissimmee, Florida 32741

Loving, New Mexico 88256

Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010

Romance, Arkansas 72136

3. Make a cute glass jar for your sweetie filled with sweet notes. You can decorate it up for valentine's day or even cut out pink, white, and red paper hearts and put a special note on each heart or offer a free service such as "I'll do the dishes for a week", "take a nap and let me take out the trash", "back rub", "night out while I watch the baby" and other sweet things. Perhaps she would even like an encouraging bible verse or "a night looking at wedding pictures". Who wouldn't love a gift that keeps on giving?

4. For those of you that enjoy cooking, you can definitely create a color themed meal. I read about a girl who cooked a meal complete with pink mashed potatoes, a red jello salad, and pink bread! You may not want to go that extreme, but I loved the creative thought!

5. Some of you may have more of a disposable income and just want a super-creative idea. Here you go! I read online about a lady who had a husband who was always so appreciative of everything she did for him, but she truly wanted to surprise him, so she rented a hot tub from a company in town and they came, set it up, and filled it for her--in the living room! She called to see when her honey was coming home and put a note on the front door that said to that his gift was waiting inside. She lit some candles, played some jazzy music, and when he came in, she was waiting for him in the hot tub. She swears it was the best valentine's day of her life. I imagine so!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

i think i might use the glass jar idea.. so cute! & i could only imagine being able to RENT a hottub! haha that would be amazing.

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