Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sometimes noises make me smile. I am thoroughly happy listening to the clink of the glass plate in the dishwasher every 2 seconds, the background noise of the TV too low to distinguish, and the low hum of the lights in the hallway. I hear the neighbors shouting about a tire, Mini's tiny toenails running down the hallway followed by Bella's larger ones just behind. I hear the heater kick on and a slight warm breeze hits my legs. I hear the dogs playing in the living room with low throat growls, and then I hear my breath, coming slowly out of my nose. Quiet. It all goes still and somehow I put it out of my head again, only noticing it when I want to, when I least expect it.

1 comment:

Mrs. Kelly Ross said...

Michelle I know you realize this but you seriously are SUCH a great writer. I visualized everything perfectly- I LOVE when you hear the heater/ac kick on and all the doggie noises :) right now I am enjoying the sound of my personal floor heater :)

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