Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Believe Me

You are everything to him.

Did you know that God can't get enough of you? You can't ever make him so mad he'll stop loving you, you can't run so far that he can't find you, you can't yell at him long enough--he's not going to yell back...ever, and you certainly can't ignore him and expect to be happy. You need him--just like the air you breathe. God loves you. Like deep down, true, gotta have it love.

Have you royally screwed up again and again? Oh good. Me too. I knew I wasn't the only one out there! Good thing he doesn't judge us and count our mistakes. He forgives...and forgets. Should we try to live our lives to please him? Well absolutely! Isn't that how you should live toward anyone you truly love?

We are worth more to him than our shady past, our stupid mistakes, and the problems we create daily. If you rang up the entire grand total of everything you've ever done wrong, there's no way you would ever be able to pay it in your entire lifetime, so God stepped in, and paid the bill for you. He stands patiently, waiting for us to get up after we fall down and run back to him. He's waiting every time. Don't let him down.

He's given everything to you. You mean the world to him. He literally gave up his son to save your life. Love him back already. Let his love fill your life and rule your world. You'll never ever be sorry. Wow.

I say it, cause I believe it. I believe it, because I know him.


Kayla Siegman said...

So true, Michelle. So true and beautifully written.

Jordan said...

I needed this today. Thanks so much, Michelle.

Michelle said...

thanks Kayla. and thanks Jordan, so glad to be used by him. :)

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