Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 3

Top three things from yesterday:
1. Buying a Holga (which by the way, I ruined my whole roll of FILM TODAY from all of pictures from Boston!!!!! Trust me, this will not happen again.)
2. All things pictures happened.
3. Walking through little Italy and eating a fancy Italian Restaurant with Jonathan.

Top three things from today:
1. Seeing Harvard
2. Singing Christmas Carols walking home (even though it's not even Thanksgiving...who cares)
3. Fire & Ice with the Ledbetters (Definitely try out this restaurant if you visit)

On another note, this city is so far (and I have traveled to about 40+ states, so I'm not just saying this) is my very favorite. The old school charm, movie-like homes, and restored buildings & shops are absolutely dreamy. But...I won't judge quite yet, cause I haven't seen NYC yet. :)

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