Sunday, December 5, 2010

My personal mission statement

I didn't understand myself very well at first, but luckily, God understands me better than I know myself and he's helped me through it. Looking back, I'm not sure I understood myself at all, or what I was doing in life. It's taken a lot of searching, praying, and self-reflection before I have clearly understood what I was put on this earth to do...and then actually start doing it. So, as a way to completely state the mission of my life, I've basically narrowed what I believe to be my life purpose to one sentence (through the Chazown experience).

To live a transparent and resilient life that mirrors God's fiercely generous love by leading others to understanding and self-discovery.

I have a short amount of time on this earth, and I'm going to honor the Lord with every living breathing second. Praise be to the Maker of Heaven and Earth, and all things seen and unseen. Who gives life, and takes away, to him be the glory and honor forever and ever...

1 comment:

jennykate77 said...

Great mission statement!

Good thing God is patient with us, huh?!

I'm an Oklahoma blogger too and just wanted to stop by and say HI!

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