Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pumpkin Fluff

So just as I began to lose all hope that Oklahoma was ever going to cool off this year, today we had a morning of 70s! So, of course, I won't waste a moment sharing one of my very favorite fall treats. I have to mention that this is easy, of course, or why would I be making it? :) Well, lets get to it, huh?

You'll need:
1 can pumpkin
1 regular sized container of Cool Whip (I use Lite)
1 small package of instant vanilla pudding mix (I use sugar-free)
graham crackers, apples, pears or whatever you want to dip!

Get yourself a bowl and dump in the pumpkin, the pudding mix, and the Cool Whip, and whip it up!
When you're finished, you'll get something yummy like this! I love serving it with graham crackers, apples, pears, or baked cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. If you're like my husband, you may just eat it with a spoon. :) Welcome, fall!

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