Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mr. Biggs

My neighbor, Mr. Biggs is somethin else. You might have heard me talk about him before. He's been to my house several times for different things including but not limited to:

2 hour talks about bugs
planting a tomato plant in our front bushes last summer--surprise!
planting rosemary in our front bushes
planting a rose bush by our front door
a cold root beer on a hot afternoon
1 cup of frozen (and covered with reynolds wrap) tortilla soup
a walmart sack full of ding dongs
a plate full of cut up watermelon
feeding our dogs chocolate covered donuts
feeding our dogs twinkles
feeding our dogs strawberry glazed donuts
feeding our dogs milkbones (after the talk Jonathan had with him about dog health & inconvenient night vomiting from them)
a $20 baby congratulations card

All good intentioned things right? Yes, I really do think so. However...yesterday night. Oh man. He just might be a little bit nuts.

I was sitting in Truett's room talking to Jonathan when I heard this really loud noise that sounded like a lawn mower outside the window. I didn't pay much attention to it because I knew Jonathan wasn't mowing, plus it was getting ready to rain. Who would start mowing? But the noise kept getting louder, so I checked to see what it was. Sure enough, there was Mr. Biggs in our front yard WITH A ROTOTILLER...digging a TRENCH in our front yard. I our front yard of green grass (and yes, some weeds), he dug a huge dirt ditch from the driveway to the street. I knew immediately what he was doing too, which makes it even worse. When we first moved in, he wanted permission from us for him to put in a cement water drainage system in our front yard. thank you, sir. And although our driveway does catch some rain at times, it's not a constant problem and it goes away as soon as the rain stops. He does not agree. However, ASKING YOUR NEIGHBOR BEFORE DIGGING UP THEIR FRONT YARD would be really awesome, Mr. Biggs! Gosh, I was even starting to like you a little! Oh wait, then yesterday I found a newly planted patch of miracle grow potting soil by our front door next to our bushes where he so nicely planted some seeds of who knows what. Can anyone say trespassing? What do I have to do to take control of a neighbor who never asks before doing...well...anything. I would hate to make him upset though, because quite frankly, I will never deny that that nosey man is the best security system we'll ever have! He meets and greets folks before they ever get out of their cars!

I guess you just give a take a little. He can take a little dirt from our yard, we'll take a new tomato plant every now and then, and maybe someday we'll understand each other. Well, maybe not, but we can at least be friends...I hope.


Anonymous said...

Haha!!! I think I know him?!?!

Sarah Thompson said...

hahaha. I know Mr. Biggs. You are in trouble living next door! Bless you.

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