Monday, April 7, 2008

Two mice

Matilda the mouse lived in a house 
On the edge of a trickeling brook. 
She worried each day
That it would wash away 
And Mike would be swept off the roof.

She swept her house by the stream all day
All the while not knowing that soon
Her mouse house would be
A big pile of debris
And Mike would be mad around noon.

Her brother was coming to visit
And he carried three very good things.
Some wood for a heat
Some cheddar to eat
And horse shoes to work on his rings.

Her brother saw the disaster left
And in sheer disbelief his voice sqeaked.
"Sweet sister!" he screamed, 
"Your house is downstream!
 Who's caused this most terrible leak?"

The water has taken my home now.
Now I don't know where you will find rest.
Please stay here and eat, 
I'll cook us some meat, 
The food 'round here's better than best.

Now Ms. Mouse had a sister that loved 
To quarrel with her mother all day.
She cry with a tissue
And longed for an issue 
To pass all the long day away.

to be continued...

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