Monday, April 21, 2008

I spit on the world

Today I woke up and spit on the world, because it smiled at me.
I knocked down the door and cursed the ground as it gently let me be.
The sunshine kept me warm and well and the grass just made me smile.
And I kicked the dirt in fury as I walked on for a while.

I did not see the fluffy clouds, though white and full of good.
I only saw the cracked old tree where a baby tree once stood.
"That's an ugly tree." I exclaimed as I picked up its last fruit
I threw it down and smashed it in my anger, with my boot.

The tree looked down in sadness as it waved it branches slowly.
"You took my one and only son, the apple I'd been growing.
And carelessly you took, only thinking of yourself.
Now you please be off, and go live life, in your grandest richest wealth."

I needed nothing really, but I took from what he had.
I realized what I'd done just then and I dropped my head, so sad.
The day would not get better, the suns hot rays would never fade.
Then the tree that I had wronged reached out, and with his branches gave me shade.

1 comment:

Padraic said...

I like your style. It moves me.

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