Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't be a soul waster

There is always a moment.  A moment when we cover our tracks and cross our fingers. A moment when we get home and fall down from the exhaustion of a long day. There's a moment when we get out of town and leave everything, not telling a single soul on purpose where we are going and taking extreme care to leave the map at home. We live for that moment to be lost together. A moment to love and fall in love. With each other, with nature.  A moment to dream of stars and the universe and the color of the grass. A moment to talk to God and listen to his gentle whisper. A moment of imaginary places and believable dreams where we can talk about our future. A place of reckless emotions and wild spirits. There is always a moment.

Be a free soul. Chase it. Do you want it? Go get it. We live in the most affluent society in the history of the entire World. Are you living in it with all the passion your body contains?

No one in the world is like you. Don't you find that incredible?

1 comment:

Rhea said...

Wow, what kind of happy pill are you on? I want some!!

Just kidding. You're so poetic and optimistic...I seem to have lost that somewhere...

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