Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Books!

There's not much that can beat (in my world anyway) a really great book, an extra-hot non-fat triple SF vanilla latte and a great place to sit and enjoy it. Here are a few books I've read for the first half of January, and am now going to enjoy critiquing. :)

First, there's Vision in White by Nora Roberts. Ehhhh. I like Robert's writing style, but I love reading clean books, and this one had more language and graphic descriptions than I thought were necessary. However, although it was a sweet romance novel that had pretty good heart and made me laugh a few times, it was predictable from chapter one. On the upside, Robert's did have character development and her diction made the book so enjoyable to read! I give this book a C.

I thoroughly enjoyed Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter. This book is very clean and intriguing. There's a little surprise around every corner. Sabrina Kincaid, the main character, doesn't intend to find love in Nantucket when she meets Tucker McCabe, a regular that she serves coffee to every morning. Tucker is desperate to find a mysterious online friend named "Sweetpea" whom he is falling in love with, and recruits Sabrina to help. But can Sabrina really help? If she doesn't, Tucker might find out that the woman he's look for is...her. I give this book an A!

This book is about a group of 12 women, who decided to split the cost, and the use, of a 15 carot, diamond necklace and see where it lead. This $37,000 necklace, later named Jewelia, holds story after story of women changed by the simple act of sharing this treasure. They bought it on a whim, and could have never have imagined what extraordinary story would unfold. It may not be 100% fair to properly grade this last book without first prefacing that I have not completed it yet. However, I am only halfway through, but already, cannot wait to finish! As it stands tonight, I give it a B+.

As always, HAPPY READING! And, if you read any great books, please share! They always go on my "books to read list" and I have a few of the titles, that you wonderful readers have already suggested, sitting on my living room table for next week! :)

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Mrs. T said...

in the last 3 days i have finished 2 of Karen Kingsbury's books...have you read hers??

janette said...

I have a book I want you to borrow! :)

love you.

Kelly said...

thank you for the fun suggestions!

Michelle said...

I have read Karen Kingsbury and LOVE her. I plow through her books in like a day, but I LOVE THEM! Any new great ones?

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