Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Laundry Laundry

Whaaaaeeeeeiiiiiiiik! That's the sound our washer makes when it's about to drain and doesn't. It comes right back up the pipe and overflows into the garage. Now, we're not sure about what in the world could be causing the clog other than a possible frozen water line (which I figure should have melted by now) or a mouse (icky) or maybe something plastic and weird just fell in there (I hope). But, whatever it is is causing a serious clog and preventing us from being efficient with the laundry (as you can see from Mount Everest below). Sadly, this is about half of the things I'd like to wash right now. (Luckily, I'm really poor and have no clothes to be thankful for.)

1 comment:

LB said...

Wilcox would be so proud of that lead-in :) Get well soon, machine!

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