Friday, January 1, 2010

He got me.

I was about three hours into the long drive home when I asked Jonathan if he had made any great New Year's resolution. He shot a glance at me. "Did you?"
I said, "Why yes I did, actually."
He smiled and pondered a thought for a moment and then replied, "Let me hear it then."
I said, "Well I have 10--resolutions."
Jonathan made a smirk that I cannot imitate or explain because it was one of those faces that was like are you serious, like really? as if perhaps he could not tell if I was joking or not, so I assured him, "No, really, I have 10 resolutions, and I plan to do them all."
He smiled a little bigger and replied, "Okay, I'm all ears. Tell me."
"Well," I started, "I can't remember them all because I'm under pressure, but I'm sure that I can tell you at least five, and then when your iphone gets service again, I'll tell you the other five?"

Eeeeeeeeeh freeze. Pardon me as I come to a screeching halt. Here is where I desperately need to cut in to narrate to myself. OKAY. First problem, Michelle. You must be confident and memorize your resolutions, or at least write them down and post them somewhere where you see them everyday or you're going to look and sound like a complete moron, and you are NOT a moron. Okay? I respond in my head with an "Okay okay okay. You have a good point." Moving on.

Because of this embarrassing conversation (which I am thankful took place with my husband who already loves me and is used to my unpredictable behavior), I learned a valuable lesson and will be memorizing and writing down my new resolutions. Perhaps I should have just picked one. But, like I said. What's the fun in that?! Jonathan laughed at my list. I am now on a mission to prove him wrong. A little healthy competition is good for the soul--and for a list of things to do!

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