Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Spring Break MUSTS of 2010

(have completed those in green)

1. Build an entire amusement park out of popsicle sticks.
2. Have a dance party complete with a smoothie bar, lots of intelligent lights, subwoofers, a fog machine, and a DJ.
3. Make lattes often.
4. Edit an entire book.
5. Get a job interview.
6. Fix the kitchen faucet.
7. Accidently join--and get stuck in the middle of-- a 10K St. Patrick's Day race while running one morning.
8. Senior picture photo-shoot
9. Hang out with SUPERcool cousins.
10. Have a birthDAY to remember
11. Go to the New Moon DVD release party.
12. Read a book.
13. Add 10 new items to Etsy.

Not sure why break ever made it into Spring Break. :) So....what about you? What must you do this week?


LB said...

I may not have a Break, but I am at least happy I have a Spring! This week, I must keep my house in peak condition to show, cook a delicious cut of steak and halibut before they go bad, be better about saying my prayers, and go to bed early a few times since I won't get to catch up on sleep this weekend!

PS: You are beautiful!

Mrs. Kelly Ross said...

umm... excuse me mam but please tell me you seriously didn't get "stuck" in a 10k run!!!!! haha if so that is HILARIOUS! and you really did all those things?! made a popsicle amusement park - you are so driven! :)

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