Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beat this day please

So...I feel that I should report on just HOW wonderful my day was yesterday, not because I'm trying to brag, remind you that it was my birthday, or seek out anymore "happy birthday" comments, but simply because it genuinely was one of the BEST days ever!! I'm not sure how it couldn't be?! Enjoy the small slideshow!

1. Woke up and danced around the house in my pajamas to Justin Bieber and Owl City
2. Went shopping with my cousins Lana and Jami
3. Ate lunch at Coolgreens. It was new to me but so amazing! It's like ultra-healthy awesome soups, salads, and wraps! (...and presents too?! I got some handmade earrings from Jami and a Starbucks card from awesome!!!)
4. Went to Full Circle bookstore. I'm not sure how a good time cannot be had!
5. Then Cuppies & Joe, of course. I had to introduce my cousins to this magical place.
...Andrew just got back into town and joined us!
6. Got my eyebrows threaded (always wonderful!)
7. Went shopping again with the girls. I mean, why not?
8. Jami gave me a pedicure complete with amazing white tips--since it was 70 degrees outside and I insisted on wearing Berkinstocks.
9. Dinner at Hideaway with my wonderful family (Tomy and Mendy got me a seriously cool Miley Cyrus card that I just might keep forever! It's huge and plays a song that literally vibrates the card...along with an adorable new printed version of Sense & Sensibility!!)

Look at our papa, mama, and baby pizzas! How cute.
10. Watched NCAA basketball
11. Made almond lattes with my new syrup and espresso shot glasses from Andrew!
12. CAKE!! Jonathan made me a double Chocolate cake and it was really tasty!

12. You would think that would be the end right?? But... you would be wrong because we then proceeded to go to Borders (using my new itrip from Jonathan!) where I purchased New Moon at midnight! The woman in front of me asked me if I was turning 16. Yes, she was serious.

See? I told you. Perfect Day! I'm getting older and I'm alright with it considering I look almost 10 years younger according to the general public!


LB said...

So glad you had a great day. That's how every birthday should be, especiAlly the cuppies and Joe part. Also I'm curious what setting or editing you use on your pictures. Love them!

Jami said...

YAY! i love you!

Michelle said...

LB, my favorite settings as far as pictures go are antique and fading, and I play around with the contrast and exposure some depending on what it looks like. I honestly just did these pictures individually since there weren't a bunch--and I took them with a little point and shoot and didn't have a consistent setting for light. However, I got lucky with really great light at cuppies and joe! it was sunny but cloudy! :)

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