Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just do it.

I can't be something I'm not. I'm a God-lover, a Christ-follower, a filled-to-the-top Christian just bursting with joy...and I can't be silenced. God is among us and not everyone knows him yet! Spread the good news. Leave no one behind! God can change generations, heal broken lives, revamp hearts, hug the desperate, and comfort and heal the sick---he makes all things new. the healer and lover of all people. God is all that you need.

He's just all of it.
All of it.
What in this world are you waiting for? Tell someone about his love and mercy!

He's not finished here yet. What does he want to use YOU for?
The Lord, my friend, is a gracious, forgiving, and humble God. I deserve nothing that he has given me, yet he gave it to me anyway because he is so full of love.

Leave your comfort zone this week and talk to someone. Maybe it's the person that cuts your hair, or maybe it's the mailman, the girl that checks you out at Target, or the barista and Starbucks. Maybe you should talk to your mom, your sister, or your next door neighbor. Maybe you should tell your 5 year old nephew about Jesus or just take the time to sit with someone who feels alone and unloved and love them with your presence. What do you need to do? I challenge you to find out...and do it.


Jenna said...

this enspires me, friend. it warms my heart & makes me wanna tell everyone who sits down in my chair about Him. :]

Michelle said...

You're sweet. I hope that you do!!

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