Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today is that day

Sometimes, when I have a hard stressful moment in my day, I make 2 lists:

5 Reasons to hate life.

1. I woke up at 8:03 (usually 6:30) and couldn't find my keys to my I got to work (25 min) away by 8:36.
2. Plus, I didn't get to take a shower, so strike 2.
3. I can't find my wallet (Day 5--don't worry, no delinquent charges...yet)
4. I can't find my phone (I had it an hour ago)
5. My car is out of gas and I can't buy more because I can't find my wallet!!

25 Reasons to love my life

1. I have a wonderful husband
2. I have an amazing job
3. I have a great new car, even if it can't go anywhere right now ;)
4. I had the best time at book club tonight!
5. I have the best friends in the world
6. My perfume smells good tonight! yum, I never wear this one but I like it!
7. I am going to read a book in a second and it's going to make me smile
8. I got asked to shoot a wedding today. that's always a good feeling.
9. My dogs are always happy to see me, no matter how I greet them
10. I haven't had any delinquent charges on my card, so if my wallet is at a store, there are still some honorable nice people in the world
11. I have freedom
12. I drank a $4 coffee tonight and didn't bat an eye. Some people would call that a month's salary.
13. I have 13 pairs of shoes
14. I don't really need anything in my life to be happy. I am happy with exactly what I have.
15. My family is amazing.
16. I'm going to Hawaii next year
17. I get to go skiing this December!
18. God made me cry on the way a good way
19. I got to laugh really hard with Sarahbeth
20. My ice maker finally works!
21. I get to go to the justin bieber concert in November. (already counting down)
22. I didn't have to clean the kitchen tonight
23. I have a free weekend and lots of plans
24. When I think about coming home, I think about happiness
25. God is all that I need, and he's in charge

...and that's just how it's going to be. See ya crazy moment. You are not welcome here anymore.

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