Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favorite Warm Weather Gear!

Every year, I pull out a bin of cold weather hats, gloves, and scarves. And...every year, I always want new stuff. Why is that? It's like my sad purse addiction (which by the way, I am getting over. I only have 3!) and shoe fetish (and am down to 20 of those, thank you!). Well, if I need it or not is not really the issue. I mostly just wanted to share some adorable finds that I loved, if you find yourself like me, dreaming about snow!

Yellow Knit Scarf $6.99 (No, it's not a joke)

And how adorable are these earmuffs? Best part? They double as headphones. Who doesn't listen to jams while shoveling the driveway, right? $29.99
Or...if you want something truly original, check out Etsy. They have some of the cutest shops!
What a steal. Only $15.00 for a custom knit hat?!

Happy Shopping!

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