Thursday, November 3, 2011

Truett Update

I can't help but trust God when it comes to having a baby, because really, what else am I supposed to do? Doesn't he take care of my every need, and know exactly what I need or want before I ever ask?

I know this is probably not a big deal, and of course, I feel like a paranoid parent now, but we found out at our appointment today that Truett has two dilated kidneys. Now, the doctor said it was very mild case, and she thinks he will be fine at birth, but we'll need to do another ultrasound after birth just to make sure. It's not exactly what I like to hear, but I know that we have good care and I'm thankful for the information. Severe cases can be signs of down syndrome, so of course it scares me just a little, but I trust God for whatever he may have in store for us, and we love that sweet sweet boy so much already. Please pray for little Truett! He is so close to being here, and we can hardly wait! This is one of those times that I have to remind myself that Truett is not mine--he's God's, and I have to trust that he already knows how perfect that little boy is going to be.



angie on maui said...

Your faith is so beautiful and I admire that about you. I wish I could say that I am as trusting---as much as I know and believe and trust in God, my own human tendencies always leave me anxious and worrisome, wanting to control things that I obviously have no control over.

I just said a prayer for little Truett and will continue to keep you all in my thoughts!


Mrs. Kelly Ross said...

Michelle, T.J. and I will both be praying for you, Jonathan and Truett! Love you!

Sarah Thompson said...

You are not being a paranoid parent! Sometimes being a Mommy can be so overwhelming and frightening that it is hard to breathe. I'm so sorry you are hurting and worried for your little boy. Our prayers are with you, Jonathan, & Truett!

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